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Data Analysis

When the data and reports you have aren’t answering the questions you need, but you know that the information is there, I can help. I can also use my knowledge of tools and systems to help you design data gathering processes.

And I won’t just dump a new spreadsheet in your inbox. I can tell the story in plain English and tailor my writing for internal and external audiences.


Whether it is creating customised reports, making business software platforms talk to each other, or programming smartphone apps, I’m passionate about solving problems for business.

I specialise in small projects on a contract basis. If your business has a need that isn’t being met by off the shelf software, contact me for a free consultation and quote.


About Me

I am a consultant data analyst and programmer. I have consulted for private businesses as well as government departments and agencies on how they can gather and analyse data. I specialise in developing customised solutions to gather and analyse data for community engagement projects. I also analyse and report on data and the gathering process for both internal and external publication. I hold a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts from UNSW.